Does It Hurt?

The answer is not as bad as you might think, so don't allow fear of potential pain prevent you from trying paintball or Airsoft for the first time. It feels very similar to a flick of a towel.  Yes, getting hit with a paintball or bb on the bare skin of a sensitive body part at a high speed, close range, and direct angle would certainly hurt quite a bit, but we enforce strict rules to prevent most of these incidents.

Do you have to bring a group to play?

No you don't. Our facility is open play based. Thus you just need to bring yourself!

Are you open year round?

Yes we are! Our Indoor Arena is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for open play! Our Outdoor Arena is only closed for walk-on play during the winter but open for groups of 20 and more! Also check our Facebook Page for hours. Paintball Indiana/Spec Ops Group

Do you sell gear?

Yes we do! We have a Onsite Pro Shop tht does carry the essentials but als have a large Online Shop called

Do you have rentals?

Yes we do! We have a very large rental fleet with added upgrades like gas blow-back pistols, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, smoke grenades and frag grenades.

Can i bring my own paintballs and bb's?

No you cant. We are a field paint and bb facility only. We do however sell topof the line ammo for all your needs.