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Acres of Adrenaline Pumping Airsoft & Paintball Action

Acres of Adrenaline Pumping Airsoft & Paintball Action

Acres of Adrenaline Pumping Airsoft & Paintball ActionAcres of Adrenaline Pumping Airsoft & Paintball Action

Covid-19 update

Due to Covid-19, we will be closed until further notice.



Dear Paintball Indianapolis Customers,

On behalf of everyone at Paintball Indianapolis, we want to thank you for planning to play paintball with us.

We appreciate your faith in us as we are dedicated to provide you with a fun and safe playing experience that extends to every aspect of our business. 

Paintball Indianapolis has built its reputation on ensuring the safety of our customers. We feel it is of the utmost importance to let you know that safety—your safety—is, and will continue to be, the top priority at our playing fields. That changes under no circumstances, including the concerns posed by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Every single day, we use only the best sanitizing methods in cleaning our equipment and that will not lack through this wave as it has not through cold and flu seasons or simple daily sanitation measures. 

To help you feel better about joining us for your reservation, this email is being sent to outline the additional measures that we are taking at each of our facilities outlined below:

1. We are allowing customers to reschedule any existing reservation without a fee. 

2. We have increased general cleaning, including common areas, counters, tablets, and bathrooms. We are cleaning with a disinfectant that is effective against coronavirus across places customers touch most and will be cleaning these areas after every group of check ins. 

3. We have hand sanitizer in each bathroom.

4. We have increased our overnight cleaning as well, making sure that table tops are thoroughly cleaned each night on top of the disinfecting we are already doing when changing tables for each group between each 2 hour private session or anytime a group finishes playing and a table has opened up. 

5. Our staff will be using gloves to clean and have been instructed to wash hands before and after exchanging clean and dirty equipment. 

6. We are imploring groups to utilize the online waiver system ahead of arrival to minimize having to touch pens or keyboards - that option is available to every group that has made an advance reservation. 

These measures are already a daily standard for us, as is making sure that every piece of equipment is disinfected using medical grade cleaning measures that take into consideration allergies and sterilization. We do not use the same goggle twice in any day as the cleaning methods necessary do not allow so. 

We are a game and an industry built on making sure players and customers are safe at all times while in our care, and that does not change in the face of COVID-19  or any other threat of illness that would interfere with our ability to provide you with an enjoyable and memorable playing experience. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of our locations. 

We look forward to allowing room for a brief escape from all that is going on without compromising on your expectations. 


The Paintball Indianapolis Staff